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Complete rebuild of a Caterpillar 3512B-HD

A customer approached us for the repair of a CAT 3512B-HD. In close consultation with the customer, we carried out a complete rebuild.

A customer approached us for the repair of a Caterpillar 3512B-HD. Due to the number of running hours and defects, we decided with the customer to do a complete rebuild. Fortunately, in our fully equipped workshop, we have all the tools needed to carry out the rebuild successfully.

Do you have a repair request for your Caterpillar 3512 engine?

Our technicians are all trained as high-level service technicians and have all the knowledge and experience needed to provide optimal service. We always think along with the customer to provide a suitable solution that will keep the customer going for years to come. Sometimes repair is not the best solution and a complete rebuild is needed. We always do this in proper and detailed consultation with the customer. Do you have a special request for your Caterpillar 3512 engine? Don’t hesitate, but contact us!

Caterpillar CAT 3512B-HD S2J Prefix, details

  • Caterpillar 3512B-HD
  • S2J Prefix
  • 1425 kW / 1911 HP @ 1600 rpm
  • Arrangement number 2435675
  • SCAC engine
  • Engine suitable for keel cooling
  • Airstarter
  • Marine Power Display
  • Left Hand service engine
  • Marine medium duty B rating
  • Engine rebuilt to Caterpillar standards


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